Ecofriendly 2018 Certificate from Touring Club

Ecofriendly 2018 Certificate from Touring Club



in collaboration with 


for the demonstrated commitment to values 

environmental sustainability


Excellent Company 

I am pleased to attach to this, the certificate reserved to you for the company’s commitment to the realization of projects aimed at protecting the territory and the vineyard, as well as in implementing plans to save energy and, last but not least, to produce wines that are respectful of the health and well-being of consumers.

Once again this year Vinibuoni d’Italia  stands out because it is  the only guide that signals companies that are committed to environmental sustainability projects with a special icon alongside the company name. 

Starting from these elements, Vinibuoni d’Italia in collaboration with important partners, Verallia, Repower and Amorim , themselves committed to ethical values Environmental sustainability, once again this year, sends a diploma of merit to virtuous companies. 

Congratulations and a cordial greeting. 

Italian Vinibuoni National Curator 

Italian Touring Club 

Mario Busso 

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