A group united by a passion for viticulture


Sales Executives

I have inherited the passion for wine by our father, Giuseppe. I have been in the field for 25 years and know the industry inside out. Six years ago I decided to get more involved with the family business managing both the sales and the productive development.


Administration Executive

Together with my brother, Alberto, I have been running the family business for more than 20 years managing every aspect of it. Although I often support Alberto in the sales department my main role is in administration.


Production Manager

He is our “right hand man”… and even the left one come to think of it! He is the agricultural co-ordinator and production manager.


Administration Assistant

She recently joined our team. Her main duties are in administration but she also helps in the sales department.


General Assistant

The 5th generation of the Fiorini family. He is just taking his first steps into the family business and he’s rightly starting from the bottom. He loves the countryside and, at the moment, he is our factotum… but watch this space!

Teo, Amelie e Gigio

The Family Dogs

Our bad boys. Their main “job” is to guard the fort, so to speak, but they love nothing better than running around the vineyard following everybody around in their daily tasks.

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