9 October 2017 – Lambrusco Presentation “Le Ghiarelle”

9 October 2017 – Lambrusco Presentation “Le Ghiarelle”

Monday, October 9th from 8.00 pm on the occasion of the presentation of our Lambrusco Grasparossa ‘Le Ghiarelle’ on a free basis, we organize a tasting open to the public unique in its kind.

AWe have selected 7 wines, all of them on a free basis, coming from various Italian regions; it will be a good opportunity for comparison and knowledge of this great heritage that is the vineyard with a free foot and which in Italy sees interesting representations.

The cost of the evening is € 25.00 and includes the tasting of the 7 wines and buffet.

Places are limited, so booking is mandatory by sending it to 3381068523 or via email to fiorini@poderifiorini.com


It is a vineyard that has never been implanted on an American graft, following the plague of phylloxera in the late nineteenth century.

Our Lambrusco Grasparossa ‘Le Ghiarelle’ took its name from our farm of about 10 ha located in Garofano si Savignano sul Panaro.

Hence the name ‘Podere Le Ghiarelle’ as the land, in that area, being near the river Panaro is sandy and not clayey, as in the nearby hilly area.

The particularity of the mixed gravel sandy soil especially in the vineyard closest to the river, from where the Lambrusco Grasparossa le Ghiarelle was born, was not attacked by the phylloxera, an insect that destroyed almost all the vines in Europe at the end of the nineteenth century;

Fortunately, in some areas of Italy this insect has not undermined, so that these vines have managed to resist and therefore are called to ‘free foot’

This terrible insect breaks down in every vineyard, practically destroying the root system of the vine.

The entire European vineyard has been infected by this small parasite until it is found the remedy that consists of grafting the vitis vinifera on American vine.

In fact, the Americas are the place where Philloxera leaves for its anti-vine crusade and over the centuries the American wild vitis has learned to defend itself against this insect.

In Europe when the insect destroyed practically all the vineyards, it was realized that there were small demarcated areas where the philloxera could not attack the root system.

These areas were often with sandy or naturally isolated soils. It is often said that the wine produced by the pre-phylloxera vineyards was much better.

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