Vigna del Padre - Lambrusco di Sorbara PDO Organic refermented in the bottle


75cl bottle

Type of Wine

Sparkling red wine

Visual exam

Light pink color, very fine perlage

Olfactory examination

Fruity notes, raspberry, strawberry typical of Sorbara

Gustatory examination

Good freshness, with a pleasant bitter note in the finish


90 Punti

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Full Name
Vigna del Padre
Lambrusco di Sorbara DOC
Harvest 2018
100% Lambrusco di Sorbara
Plant density
2000 Plants per Hectare
Form of Breeding
Double cord
Annual production
4000 bottles
Alcoholic strength
11% VOL
Total acidity
6,65 g/l
Sugar residue
0 g/l
Total sulfur dioxide
26 mg/l
Service temperature
Optimal at 8 °


Vigna del Padre is a Lambrusco that comes from the Olmaccio vineyard in Ganaceto.

This vineyard, thanks to its age and the type of breeding managed for a controlled production, produces high quality grapes.

Vinification method

The Lambrusco grape is handpicked and placed in 30 kg crates and then placed in a whole cluster press.

It is then pressed into whole bunches and immediately cooled to transfer it to thermo-conditioned containers for traditional alcoholic fermentation without the use of yeasts.

Characteristics Land and Vineyard

The soils of this vineyard are compact and very fertile, characterized by a good presence of clay and sand derived from the proximity of the Secchia river.

This single vineyard is 1.2 hectares in organic agriculture

Gastronomic combinations

Vigna del Padre is a Lambrusco suitable as an aperitif and on white meats, on pasta dishes with tasty condiments.

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