Gendinella - Pignoletto Superiore


75cl bottle

Type of Wine

Still White Wine

Visual exam

Straw yellow color

Olfactory examination

Aromas of pineapple and green apple and pear

Gustatory examination

Good acidity and complexity with the classic bitter almond finish


Golden Star

Table Header Table Header
Full name
Pignoletto Superiore DOC
Harvest 2018
100% Grechetto Gentile
Plant density
5000 Plants per Hectare
Form of Breeding
Annual production
8000 Bottles
Alcoholic strength
12% VOL
Total acidity
7,50 g/l
Sugar residue
4 g/l
Total sulfur dioxide
31 mg/l
Service temperature
Optimal at 8 °


Gendinella is the expression of a single vineyard, from which we are looking for an elegant, mineral and long-lived wine.

Vinification method

The Grechetto Gentile grapes are harvested the first week in 30 kg crates.

They are then transferred to the whole bunch in a press where we obtain a 50% flower must.

Finally, the must is placed in thermo-conditioned tanks for alcoholic fermentation.

Characteristics Land and Vineyard

The Gendinella was born from the same toponym exposed to the north west.

Vineyard over 40 years old for the characteristic of the soils rich in silt and clay and for the cooler exposure, the grapes have a slower maturation.

Gastronomic combinations

Gendinella is a suitable wine to taste in combination with fish dishes and white meats.

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