Curtis in Lama -Extra Dry Sparkling Wine


75cl bottle

Type of Wine

Sparkling wine

Visual exam

Bright pink color

Olfactory examination

Aromas of berries and violet

Gustatory examination

Good acidity and complexity from Barbera with a fine and round finish

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Full name
Curtis in Lama
Quality Sparkling Wine
Harvest 2018
30% Lambrusco di Sorbara, 70% Barbera
Plant density
5000 Plants per Hectare
Form of Breeding
Annual production
8000 Bottles
Alcoholic strength
12% VOL
Total acidity
8,50 g/l
Sugar residue
8 g/l
Total sulfur dioxide
31 mg/l
Service temperature
Optimal at 8 °


Curtis in Lama is a sparkling wine born from a union of two territories.

It starts from the Sorbara area where our family comes from.

Then we arrive at the Colli Bolognesi area with Barbera which is one of the most representative wines of the area.

Vinification method

The must of Lambrusco di Sorbara and Barbera are vinified in white.

They are then fermented and after a few months of cleaning the bases we decide the balance of the wine, before the second fermentation.

Characteristics Land and Vineyard

Sorbara comes from our youngest vineyards.

It is harvested a few days before complete ripening to safeguard its freshness.

The same criterion is used for Barbera, with the aim also of reducing the development of alcohol.

Gastronomic combinations

Due to its complexity, Curtis in Lama is a whole meal wine.

Also suitable as an aperitif supported by cold cuts and cheeses, also tasty.

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