Respect for nature with the biological method

Our choice to start the path towards organic cultivation was completely natural and was born from the growing desire to safeguard the health of the grapes and the environment where we live, putting into practice what is respect for nature.

Since the 2019 harvest we have obtained the ICEA organic certification for the vineyard and the cellar.

Working with the organic method means exploiting the natural fertility of the soil by promoting it with limited interventions, promoting the biodiversity of our environment and in practice this means banning synthetic chemical plant protection products, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and also in our wines, we have chosen to drastically decrease the use of sulfur dioxide.

It all starts from the earth

Our goal for the future is to bring the land back to the center of the production process and to move towards what are the basis of biodynamic culture, but like all new things, we want to face them with study, research and awareness.

The importance that the soil has in the eco system in which it is located in order to ensure the good quality of a wine is fundamental, so much so that on our so different lands according to their geographical position, they have undergone checks and studies over the years to understand how to best work them based on their geological characteristics;

Three farms, three lands so close yet so different

The farm on the plain, where our Sorbara are born

The Sozzigalli estate is certainly the most historic of our company, north of Modena in the heart of the Lambrusco di Sorbara denomination; the vineyards of about 30 years are influenced by the nearby Secchia river which gives mainly sandy and clayey characteristics to the soil itself, giving the wine the typical acidity that distinguishes it.

The farm in the hills, where our Grasparossa and the wines of the Bolognese hills are born

The Podere of about 10 hectares of the Torre dei Nanni unites two production areas, that of Modena and that of Bologna where we find a mainly clayey and silt-rich soil, characteristics that give body and structure to the wines produced in this area.

The 'Le Ghiarelle' farm keeper of a centenary vineyard

Podere ‘Le Ghiarelle’ was the last of our three to be acquired and here we discovered almost by chance this unique vineyard in the area to be on the loose; the soil of this vineyard is mainly gravelly as it is located in the bed of the Panaro river, which is why the vineyard has resisted the phylloxera which at the beginning of the last century destroyed most of the vineyards in Europe; studies and analyzes have been carried out in recent years in collaboration with the University of Bologna precisely because of the uniqueness of the vineyard in our area;

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