Festival of Lambrusco di Torrile

Festival of Lambrusco di Torrile

The Lambrusco di Torrile Festival, will be there too!

Lambrusco di Torrile Festival is organized since 2004 by the Cultural Association of Friends Torrile, in collaboration with the circle the porch and the many volunteers who, during a festive month of September, they team up to create the best part of the territory.

Funds raised during the festival evenings are all donated to charity and, to date, the amount allocated for local associations is more than 120 thousand euro. “Donate with taste.”

This is the mission of the volunteers who offer their commitment both during the preparation and during the weekend.

The slogan wants to remind all those who will attend the three-day food and wine, the goal of “a Torrile Friends” that in this, as in other festivals taking place over the years have wanted to find a fun way to raise funds and donate to local associations considerable sums.

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