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The ‘enological’ history of our family was born in the Modena plain, north of Modena between two small hamlets, Gargallo di Carpi and Ganaceto di Modena.


Raised in a peasant family following in the footsteps of his father Ugo, our father Giuseppe always loved to say, joking, that he was born in a barrel, to witness the great love he had for this that, more than his work, it has always been his great passion: the production of Lambrusco.



While moving, in 2011 with the entire production in the hills, we kept near the historical site of Ganaceto in the plains, the 5 ha of vineyards for the production of Lambrusco di Sorbara; wine that has always represented us.


The “Torre dei Nanni” farm is a great opportunity for our company.


The choice of Savignano sul Panaro, as well as for the excellent quality of the land for the production of wines is also linked to the strategic position it covers, as it is the only town in the province of Modena, where there are 3 protected denominations of origin (DOP).


Lambrusco Grasparossa of Castelvetro, Colli Bolognesi and Reno dop, so much so that this has allowed us to expand the range of our wines, thus creating the brand ‘Torre dei Nanni’ which includes all the wines of Colli Bolognesi, both the sparkling wines such as Pignoletto stops such as Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon.Always keeping the tradition of our family linked to Lambrusco unchanged.


The equipment of the winery has been ‘transferred’ from the historical site to the new premises, adapting and integrating them in these years, with other more avant-garde ones and also expanding the number of steel containers for the production of sparkling and still wines.

The structure of the cellar has been conceived with a view to optimizing the spaces present and to facilitate the work inside; the “fall” system was built during the harvest, where the grapes, once harvested, no longer come into contact with machinery, but once pressed, the must from top to bottom comes directly into the autoclaves.

So much time and so many sacrifices have allowed us to build a 1000 square meters Cellar, with an adjoining barrel cellar for the refinement of still red wines and that is also used as a tasting room.


On the first floor, we have recently completed the other tasting room, where we have the opportunity to visit a part of our historic family Acetaia.

Visit also the Torre dei Nanni

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