Poderi Fiorini centenary

Telling our 100 year history through this video was a beautiful experience full of great emotions and memories; take a few minutes of your time to share with us this gift that we wanted to make for this important anniversary.

Getting to celebrate 100 years of a family passion that has been handed down for 4 generations is not for everyone, let us proudly say it, because we think that yes, we can be proud and proud of what our family members have handed down to us over all these years and today we try to carry on with great passion determination and responsibility.

We thought that the best way to celebrate this important milestone was to be able to help those in need, and among many we thought of the guys from TORTELLANTE DI MODENA, an association that helps autistic kids get involved in society, actively working through what are the most typical traditions of our city, such as tortellini.

We divided the celebrations into two events, the first on June 3 in the beautiful setting of the B&B il Castellazzo, not far from our cellar; a splendid evening that we decided to spend together with friends, journalists, customers from various parts of Italy and who wanted to be with us to spend a few hours together and celebrate this important event and the second party, on June 29, open at public where we have lived moments that will remain indelible in our minds forever and celebrating with the many friends who have decided to be with us has been a great added value to this event so important for our family;

It was all as we imagined our birthday

and the credit also goes to all the Friends who with their precious work have helped us to help


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