Le Ghiarelle
Dry Lambrusco dell'Emilia PGI

75cl bottle

Sparkling Red Wine

Deep ruby red color

Notes of fruit in alcohol, raspberry, berries

Strong tannins typical of Grasparossa, with a pleasant bitter note in the finish



This vineyard is located in the Le Ghiarelle farm a few meters from the Panaro river.

A few years ago, in collaboration with expert agronomists and scholars of ungrafted vineyards, we found this vineyard of almost 1 century planted without the grafting of American vines, therefore ungrafted.

It is a wine produced with 237 plants of which 3 from Lambrusco di Sorbara, 4 from Lambrusco di Fiorano, 7 from Barbera, 3 unidentified and the rest ancient varieties of Grasaprossa

Vinification method

The grapes are harvested in boxes of 30 kilos, then they are de-stemmed and then placed at a controlled temperature in special fermenters, where the contact between the peel and the must is kept at zero degrees.

The freshly drawn wine is fermented at a controlled temperature with indigenous yeasts and without adding sulfur in all the steps.

Characteristics of the terrain

These ancient vineyards were saved from the Filossera thanks to their location.

In fact, these vineyards were planted in the bed of the Panaro river, with the gravel that protected the vines.

Gastronomic combinations

The peculiarities of this wine make it ideal to be tasted in combination with red meats, braised meats and cheeses.

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