Organic Lambrusco di Sorbara Doc

75cl bottle

Sparkling Rosé Wine

Bright pink color, very fine perlage

Fruity notes, raspberry, strawberry typical of the Sorbara

Good freshness, the fruity notes return in the aftertaste



OLMACCIO was born from the desire to enhance the single vineyard commonly called Cru.

It is a 1974 vineyard, born as a Bellussi breeding then brought back to double cordon in the 90s.

Vinification method

The elm grapes are harvested by hand in 3 quintal binxes to leave the bunch intact.

The grapes are de-stemmed and transferred as a whole grape to the press for the classic white pressing.

The must is then immediately cooled and transferred to temperature-controlled fermenters for the traditional alcoholic fermentation.

Selected yeasts are not used, but indigenous ones

Characteristics of the terrain

The soils of this vineyard are compact and very fertile, characterized by a good presence of clay and sand derived from the proximity of the river Secchia.

This single vineyard is 1.2 hectares in organic farming

Gastronomic combinations

Olmaccio is a Lambrusco di Sorbara that goes perfectly with stuffed pasta, or with a plate of cold cuts and salami, but more generally with all the dishes of the typical Emilian cuisine.

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